Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sittercity Promo Codes and Coupons 2013

Sittercity Review:
At Sittercity, parents post their job requirements and select from the resulting list of nannies and babysitters. There are now two membership options: $35 for one month, $95 for three months, as well as a free 1 week trial, all providing unlimited access to information about the prospective nanny or babysitter. When you register, you can copy and paste the Sittercity promo code we post here on this site into the box on the Sittercity registration page that says “Enter promo code.” This will entitle you to a discount on the registration fee. You can enjoy tremendous savings while you enjoy the benefits of Sittercity's highly regarded service.

Sittercity pools professional and contact information from nannies and babysitters, and organizes their records by location. You can select based on the sitters' special skills and work preferences and narrow down your search. You can select the sitter's location, work skills, special training (such as CPR and first aid, for example), and even whether the sitter or nanny has her own transport (quite useful if you reside in out-of-the-way places).

Sittercity then presents a list of potential candidates who match your specifications. You can also browse through the candidates' profiles to check their qualifications, availability, character references and reviews from previous employers. These make it easier for you decide on the best candidate to suit your needs. You can then contact your candidates directly to request a face to face interview. For an additional 9.99 dollars per person, Sittercity lets you conduct a background check of the sitter through Lexis-Nexis. This includes an identity check, a national criminal search, a search for traffic violations, and a check with the sex offenders and violent crimes registry. It's tough enough these days to make ends meet even with both parents working regular jobs. For single parents the challenges are even more pronounced. The irony is that to keep at their jobs, two-income households and single parents need to have their young children looked after while they go to work. This is where Sittercity's services are particularly useful. Responsible and trustworthy childcare help is a tremendous advantage that frees you from having to look after your kids, and allows you to pursue social and financial opportunities.

Sittercity also provides access to sitters who can handle special needs. With a Sittercity promotion code, the service becomes even more affordable. Sittercity is user friendly and cost effective, especially when you compare it to the usual sitter and nanny agencies. The background checks, although costing an additional $9.99 per person, are definitely worth it, especially when you consider that your child's safety and security are at stake. In fact, the cost seems to be a bargain when you can find the right nanny or sitter for your kids. Unfortunately the discount codes are not applicable to these paid background checks, only to the registration fee.

Many people still complain about charges and billing practices. But if you take the annual fee and divide it by the number of months in a year, the cost works out to less than $12 per month. Factor in your savings from a coupon code and the monthly cost dips down even lower.

If you're looking for ways to keep your kids busy, Sittercity is also a great source for childcare information. The Sittercity Compendium features many of the best practices, real-life projects and ideas for activities developed or experienced by many of Sittercity's nannies and sitters. Child development expert and award-winning writer Dr. Robyn Silverman helped put together this invaluable collection.

Sittercity is also a part of a nationwide network of online service specialists that include pet care providers, care for the elderly, housekeepers and tutors. You automatically gain access to these services as well when you sign up with Sittercity.

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